Branding and Logo Design

How to work with a logo designer

If you are starting your own business, why should you consider working with a logo designer? Your logo and branding are the look and feel of your business. It’s all the touch points that your customer sees, feels and hears when they come into contact with your business. A professional can help you assemble your ideas and bring them to life. This can help save you time, which you could be spending working on your business.

What makes you different from every other business is your logo and branding. Your logo is your stamp/unique identification mark that sets you apart from your competition. It makes you memorable. A good logo design should be a good balance of colour, design and typography. This helps make your brand look more polished. Your customer’s first impressions of your business can make or break a sale or contract. A well designed logo is an important investment and commitment to how serious you are about your business.

Get creative

If you are feeling creative and fancy having a go yourself, there are many free tools and software packages available online. This can have varying results, but is a relatively low cost risk and if your budget is very tight.

Top tips for working with a logo designer

Maybe you have some great ideas and concepts, but not the matching skill set. This is where a professional logo design pays dividends. One of my client’s told me ‘I am as creative as a snail’. Is this you? If so, consider the benefits and things to think about when considering outsourcing your logo to a designer.

  1. It really helps the person you are working with if they have some idea of the style of logo you are hoping for. This could be whimsical, professional, fun, themed etc, By determining the style you are attracted to, can help save time and money with the iteration process.
  2. Have a look at your close competition, how do you think that you can differentiate yourself? Do they look professional? Would you buy a product or service from them?
  3. Have you thought about the colours of your logo/branding? You may already have a set colour palette in mind, or there may be certain colours that you really dislike. In any case, a good designer can help bring new ideas to the table and help advise.

Creating a logo design brief

  1. Have a think about where you will use the logo. Do you need to create large print items such as banners or billboards? Do you want to use it across social media? Will you need full colour, black, white or all of these? Where and what you want to use the logo for will determine the final cost.
  2. If you have spent a little time researching your likes/dislikes, you should be able to create a good brief for your designer. This should result in initial design concepts that meet your brief in whole or at least part.
  3. A logo designer will take your ideas, and from this brief, create your initial iterations. Depending on the package you have opted for, will depend on the level of iterations you receive.
  4. It is important that if for example a 3 week turnaround has been agreed, that you work with the designer to complete the concepts and final logo within this timeframe. A designer will have other clients and deadlines and your work has been scheduled accordingly.

After all your hard work, enjoy a coffee and take a look at the 100 most famous logos of all time Which is your favourite?

Working with a logo designer should be a pleasure, not a chore. The more you can input, the more you will get from the process. If you are ready to take the plunge and like our work, get in touch! Email or call 01625 402070.