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Social Media Management Macclesfield & Cheshire

What does social media management or marketing mean to you as a business?  Is this an activity that you relish or dread? To create engaging content and manage multiple platforms requires a planned, structured approach. There is little point in posting on social media if you do not know what you are trying to achieve from your efforts.  If you want to manage an integrated campaign that will deliver results,  choose no more than 2-3 social media platforms. Trying to manage more platforms than this will dilute your efforts and not will not necessarily reach your target customers.

How can we help free your time?

Managing your social media accounts can be very time consuming (and addictive too!). Consistent posting is key to help building your brand on Instagram and Facebook. Each different social media channel ie Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc gives you the opportunity to position your message specifically to your target audience. What works well for some businesses may not work at all for others. It is important to understand your potential and existing customers to gauge what content they want to receive. Using our services is effectively buying yourself time back to focus on your core business goals.

Content & Graphics

We look after the content, technical and graphical side to help get maximum engagement from your posts. Treacle can help you…

  • Create posts
  • Curate content relating to your business
  • Design custom icon sets for your brand
  • Create Facebook and Instagram stories
  • Create Facebook covers
  • Take product photos
  • Source royalty free and stock images

Targeted campaigns to deliver results

We recommended that our social media packages are taken out on a 6 month minimum contract. This allows time from the set up of your accounts, to monitor and evaluate on a regular basis what is working for your business. Although social media can deliver rapid results, it also must not be seen as a quick fix. Engagement and customer trust takes time to build.

One size does not fit all. We treat every business individually, working out what social media channels would be most effective your business. Pop over to our Facebook & Instagram pages. Prices from £195 per month. If you are a Macclesfield or Cheshire based company in need of Social Media Management, please call us on 01625 402070  for an informal chat or email 

We also offer website design and logo design services.

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