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Are you getting in a pickle with your email lists?

Who honestly has time to be updating their customer email list in spreadsheets? You or your colleagues, could be using this time to find new customers instead of manually editing rows and rows of data. If you are guilty of this, it really is time that you considered using a mailing tool to send direct emails to your golden customers!

If you are using your own mail client (eg Outlook), please STOP! You are making life much harder for yourself and you are also potentially breaking GDPR laws as you cannot offer an easy ‘opt out’ mechanism on your email. Using a mail tool such as Mailchimp, is a game changer. You can easily…

  • Create and segment your mailing lists

  • Send engaging email content to your chosen recipients

  • Track email opens, bounces and unsubscribes

  • Grow your mailing lists through customisable sign up forms and landing pages

Due to the GDPR regulations, you may have been put off or not known where to start with creating compliant mailing lists. Is this you…?

  • Do you have a never ending spreadsheet full of your customer information which you are struggling to keep updated?

  • Do you need help setting up automated emails?

  • Do you want to set up sales funnels and landing pages?

  • Do you want to keep track of who opened your emails and what links they clicked on?

  • Do you want to send different emails to different segments?

  • Do you want to create polls and surveys to send to your customers?

  •  Do you want to link Mailchimp to your Ecommerce website to generate automated follow up and upset emails?

If you answered YES to any of the above, we can end your spreadsheet misery today! Let us help you get set with a new approach to your email marketing. We can set up your Mailchimp account, design templates, create landing pages and much more. If you want to become a master of the ‘chimp’,  we can hold your hand with some 1 to 1 training.

Make spreadsheets a thing of the past and email or telephone 01625 402070.

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