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How are you showing up? Jeans or Suit?

If you are starting your own business, one of the first things that you will want to consider is your branding. What is branding? Branding is the look and feel of your business. It’s all the touch points that your customer sees, feels, hears when they come into contact with you and your business. Your logo is your stamp/unique identification mark that sets you apart from your competition. It makes you memorable.

A good logo design needs to be a good balance of colour, design and typography to ensure that you look polished. Your customer’s first impressions of your business can make or break a sale or contract. A well designed logo is an important investment and commitment to how serious you are about your business.

Not investing in your brand image, is like turning up for a formal interview wearing jeans, a t-shirt and some comfy trainers. What you should really be wearing is your sharpest suit that makes you feel a million dollars…So why wouldn’t you dress your business with the same mindset?

Significance of logos in branding

Businesses use logos as a way of communicating their brand’s values and vision to the customers. It can be a graphic or typography, or even a combination of the two. The logo is critical in creating the brand’s image and the projection of that image onto the customers.

Most businesses spend a lot of time and resources on designing their logos, from the font style and size to the combination of colours used in the making of the logo. Logos of well-known and established brands are recognizable at a glance, and in the case of some designers, products have become an integral part of the aesthetics of the products themselves.

The psychology of colour

The colour or colour combinations used in the making of a logo are very important. This has to do with the science of colour and how it can alter perceptions to elicit certain emotional responses from the viewers.

The right colour palette can help solidify and improve upon the branding and image of a company. Alternatively, a poorly developed colour palette can prove extremely counterproductive. Ideally speaking, the colour palette selected for the logo must be consistent with the emotions of the customers the company wishes to appeal to.

What certain colours stand for in branding

In branding, certain colours represent certain meanings. Not only are the combinations based on how colours look together from a purely stylistic point of view, but also the message they give when combined in a specific formation.

To understand the use of colours in logos, it is worthwhile to note what each color represents.


Red is a primary colour that is bold and strong. This is why colour is usually associated with energy and power. Viewing the colour red has been shown to lead to an increased heart rate. Increased heart rate is usually experienced when a person has increased adrenaline, leading to a flight or fight response. Being bold and hard to miss, red is also used to grab attention, which is why so many times sales are announced by using a red background or lettering.


A warm colour similar to red, orange is much more toned down. It is bright and seen as playful rather than aggressive. Many brands employ orange instead of red to appear more friendly and approachable. Orange also exudes warmth which is comforting and explains why so many companies have orange in their logo.


Yellow is seen as a cheerful colour and is linked to feelings of happiness. It gives positive vibes while being attention-grabbing. Yellow remains a popular colour for branding purposes; however, it is also used in caution signs and can hurt the eye if it is too bright.


Green is an easy one. It is associated with nature and, as a result, with growth and healing. Many companies selling natural and organic products are guaranteed to have green in their logo to emphasize the link with nature. Green is also easy on the eyes and is a relaxing colour.


Blue is peaceful and calm colour since the sky and the oceans are blue. This is why blue is an especially popular colour used in logos as it presents a professional look, and brighter hues of blue can be uplifting as well.

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Are you ‘creative as a snail’?

You may have had a go at designing your own logo, with a huge amount of time spent and not quite the results you had in mind. Outsourcing your branding to a marketing professional, WILL take the pain away of a bumpy learning curve. One of my client’s told me ‘I am creative as a snail’. Is this you? If so, it maybe time to think about outsourcing your branding and getting back into your genius zone.

Treacle offer affordable packages, ideal for start-ups or established businesses. If you have an exciting idea burning away, get in touch and we will create stand out branding you will want to shout about!

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